Echo Decay 2021; 90 x 90 x3.8cm, oil on canvas. Inspired Perspectives

My painting practice is concerned with atmospheric and architectural spaces which I paint from memory, photographs and the imagination. Drawing on my multidisciplinary background in music and acoustics, I apply various textures, layers and technical qualities to the painted surface to evoke a sense of dimension, sound and light properties. The paintings are often framed from a filmic viewpoint and incorporate reflective surfaces and counterintuitive perspectives.

My current series of oil paintings represents reflective interior spaces, thresholds and viewpoints and attempts to draw the viewer into meditative worlds, either real or imagined. Apart from the visible subject matter itself, other experiences - such as sound memories juxtaposed within the architectural space - may be evoked. These painted spaces sit between realism and impressionism and often include characteristic elements from my background, as well as occasional playful abstraction.

Some Room Resonant Modes (2019); 3 x 76 x 76cm, oil on canvas. Imagined.