#eMAneight will proudly present new innovative work by nine MA Contemporary Fine Art students at University of Cumbria, this coming September that aim to challenge the theories and ideologies of fine art through interdisciplinary practice.

The end of year show will see a collection of work exhibited by #eMAneight artists originating from the University of Cumbria’s Institute of the Arts. Their research practice in Contemporary Fine Art through aims to widen the discourse and understanding in many of today’s shifting influences and discussions such as; changes to identities, politics, the landscape and the environment. The work is diverse but has one thing in common, a dominance of human activity.

Times and venue are to be confirmed in due course.
Entry to the exhibition will be free.

PREVIEW NIGHT | Fri 22nd September 2017
DATES | Mon 25th – Friday 29th September 2017
OPENING TIMES and VENUE | to be confirmed

This forthcoming exhibition is entirely self-funded & organised by #eMAneight. The group raise all monies to organise, deliver and fully promote a show of the highest artistic quality and professionalism. But support is always needed. Please help support the Arts locally by donating towards our target fund of £500. Any support will be gratefully welcomed and we are happy to credit and advertise sponsors in kind.


bertiE is looking for sponsors and donors to help support his second year of the MA Contemporary Fine Art, projects and ultimately help set up a studio space in Edinburgh where he’ll be based. For example, space, materials and expenses associated with my art practice. All donations thankfully received will recieve individual signed original art and/or artifacts proportional to the amount given.

Spectrum September 2016 at the University of Cumbria, Brampton road.

bertiE practices a diverse array of methods with found objects in his work. There are spontaneous loops and mixed media juxtaposing ideas between imagination, reality, past, present and future in relation to technological ideals together with found objects. These include spontaneous loops and mixed media, juxtaposing the imagination and ‘reality’, in the past, present and future. In his work, older analogue technology and digital worlds converge. The work is transported through the use of humor, irony and paradoxical analogies. The work also draws on a sense of presence in relation to visual memory. There are also references to other influential artists such as Piero Manzoni’s Merda d’artista (1961) , in a proposal that it be sent finally for stool sample biological analysis report or Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup picnic with salami and accidental finger dissection, which is developed through humorous and ironic texts. This all relates within the existential subversive and paradoxical frame of being an artist. There are obvious and hidden connections between BertiE’s works often influenced by Dadaist and Surrealists to Pop Artists and others with a sense of humour. The Artist enjoys a serendipitous and playful sense of irony and parody and although some works are spontaneous, other pieces are developed over a longer period, through critique, investigation or revision, like a good open sandwich.

bertiE in a relatively humorous and optimistic mood makes ironic and subversive objects whilst studying the MA Contemporary Fine Art at University of Cumbria Institute of the Arts. BertiE teaches Creative Industries at New College Lanarkshire, makes tunes and drums a lot too.

“My ideas are ART and when executed well, at the time of conception, in the most appropriate manner within the contextual circumstances experienced it is GREAT”. BertiE is specifically examining arts practice in relation to humour and irony, which can include subversive (political) and paradoxical (profound) ideals. It should be a little easier than trying to capture and find evidence of dark matter out there in the universe in account of the weight!

bertiE – artist, musician, producer and designer.

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