Bertie Fritsch has a background in art, music, design and sound engineering. He works across a range of mediums and technologies including; installation, sound, video, design, engineering, sculpture and painting. He is currently developing a series of paintings from photographs representing reflective interior spaces, thresholds and viewpoints invoking a sense of memory, peace and lost space.

Outside of art Bertie is a lecturer in creative industry subjects at New College Lanarkshire including music and music production. He successfully completed an MA in Contemporary Fine art at the University of Cumbria Institute of Arts in 2017. He also has a PGCE in Post-Compulsory Education. Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control. BSc Hons Engineering Product Design.

Bertie's notable projects and achievements as a drummer and percussionist include performing, recorded, production and collaborated with several contemporary artists such as: Alfedo Genovesi, The Future Sound of London, Heidi Berry, John Gibbens (the children), Max Richter, Piano Circus Luke Lockhart, & Will Harris (mylittlebrother). Co-produced Transmission - Piano Circus, The Observer’s CD of the Week, Feb 2002. as described by Mark Russell, presenter of BBC Radio 3’s Mixing It as “Piano Circus’ most successful album”!

He also attended the Arvon Foundation song writing course with Ray Davies (The Kinks) in 2001. As an acoustic consultantant he completed studio acoustic analysis projects and designs for Overtones, the famous Premises studios and mercury prize winning composer Thomas Adés. He has installed professional quality recording studio for Access to Music (East London), opened by the late Sir George Martin (producer of the Beatles). Bertie is the son of celebrated international ceramic artist Elizabeth Fritsch MA(RCA) CBE and looks after her online interests.

Bertie – artist, musician, producer and designer.